Asics Women’s Gel-2130 Running Shoes Review

Asics Women's Gel 2130 Running Shoe ReviewI've been a runner for around 10 years, 7 of them professionally. I regularly complete in triathlons and any marathon that is hosted in my area, so I'm sure you can take a wild guess as to what I'm really passionate about: Running shoes.

I spent my first years as a runner going through shoes on a monthly basis because none of them lived up to my expectations. One pair would be too constricting and give my tendinitis in my foot, another wouldn't be restrictive enough. With all of the selections out there right now, how is a runner supposed to know which brand to choose and which brand to ignore.

Here's the bottom line: If a shoe company spends millions of dollars on advertising (we all know which brands I'm talking about without naming names), when you pay over $100 for a pair of new running shoes, most of that price is paying for advertising, not quality. That said, I've found the brand of shoes that I have had the most luck with in the long term. Asics running shoes are a less well-known brand to the general public, but a very well-known running shoe to the running community.

People who run aren't fooled by the brand name game that goes on in the advertising world. We know either a shoe is built to last and built to help you optimize your running or it's not. The Asics Women's Gel-2130 Running Shoes are by far the most comfortable running shoe I have owned in my experience. The tread is perfect for long distance, and it offers the perfect amount of support for long or short distance runners.

I recently ran my first marathon in these particular shoes and walked away without a blister or a sore spot. If you're a runner, then you know that when this happens, you know you have found a special shoe. The Asics brand is much cheaper than the mainstream brands, too. That's because they spend more money on quality products than they do on shameless advertising.

My first running coach told me that everyone is different, but name brands are seldom the brands that experienced, seasoned runners go with. That's because us runners know the game. Believe me, I've tried the name brands. They just fail to perform like my Asics. Anyone who is serious or who is thinking about getting serious about running should try a pair of these running shoes.

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