Nike Air Pegasus Running Shoe Review

nike pegasus running shoe reviewI have been a runner for over twenty years, and the latest version of the Nike Pegasus is one of the finest running shoes I have ever put miles on. For about sixteen of those years, I was a hard core Asics runner. I never imagined I would switch my shoe allegiance. I tried Nike back in the Waffle Trainer days of the late eighties, when they were taking over the running world. I never liked the soft, cushy feel of the Nike shoe line, so I didn’t try them again for decades

A few years back, I tried the Nike Pegasus shoes on a whim and was instantly sold. The air sole gave just the right amount of cushion and feedback while pounding the pavement. I have since gone through several versions of the Nike Pegasus, and the newest version is the best yet. This model has been around for twenty five years and has many loyal runners.

Nike continues to include a full length air sole embedded in the shoe for comfort and a long shoe life. They have also maintained extra widths available in the shoe; narrow, regular, and wide. I have a wide forefoot, and being able to get a running shoe with a good fit, and an extra wide toe box is a big plus, and makes the shoe even more comfortable. It’s not the lightest running shoe on the road, but as an older runner, I value protection over a little extra speed.

Like all of the Pegasus line, the current version is best for runners with a fairly stable foot strike, as it doesn’t do much to aid in pronation. But if you are a runner that values a good well-cushioned running shoe, with great comfort and an almost custom fit, you won’t do better than the Nike Pegasus running shoes.

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