Saucony ProGrid Triumph 5 Running Shoe Review

Saucony Progrid Triumph 5 Running Shoe ReviewWhen the sun and wind first hit me as I walk out the door for a run, I instinctively look down at my running shoes. I think it's because the shoes are a partner on the trek I'm about to take, and they have to support me better than any other shoe I own. For me, the best running shoe is the Saucony ProGrid Triumph 5 Running Shoe.

I'm a casual runner. When I get home from work, I head out for a late afternoon trek, and I generally run around twenty miles a week. I need a shoe that has good support for my ankles, since they've suffered the most injuries over the years. The Saucony ProGrid Triumph 5 has been the best shoe to fit my running so far. The arch support perfectly cradles my foot during the run. I tend to roll my feet inward, so the support helps to keep my spine aligned properly and takes some of the stress off of my knees. I can feel the difference in my recovery time; the ache in my ankles after a run are completely gone.

Another thing that I find terrific about the Triumph 5 is how it cushions the foot at the ball of the foot and the heel. I've tried other shoes that do a good job of absorbing shocks in the heel while ignoring the ball of the foot. However, this shoe really supports your whole foot. There are some runners who like a heavy shock absorption in the heel, and this probably isn't the shoe for them. I roll along my whole foot as I run, so I need the support along the length of my foot.

Overall, this is a great shoe for the weekend or short distance runner. It's lightweight, has good support, and keeps you running more smoothly than any other brand I've tried. The Saucony ProGrid Triumph 5 running shoe really delivers out on the road!

Features of the Saucony ProGrid Triumph 5 Running Shoe:

  • High arch support with Arch Lock
  • ProGrid technology for cushioning along the length of the foot
  • Impact deflection technology to absorb shock in the heel and ball of the foot
  • Available in 3 colors: silver/blue, gold/white, and silver/crimson
  • Total weight for each shoe: 9.6 oz.

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